Friday, March 30, 2012

French Fridays with Dorie - Crab and Grapefruit Salad

This was my first go at a recipe chosen by the FFwD group.

Well, I joined the group a little late. But while preparing the Crab and Grapefruit Salad today, I was glad that I did. Not only was it a lot of fun preparing a dish on the same day as many others of you did/do but the final result was a very nice and fresh tasting salad.

Even my kids enjoyed it quite a bit...after an all around taste test, there was no salad left. I liked the combination of shellfish with grapefruit, very refreshing and a nice colorful presentation.

Would certainely be a nice addition to my Easter brunch next week.

I must add that the salad had quite an "international flair". Although the shopping list was rather short, I did find myself scurrying around town to get shellfish from the North Sea, grapefruit from Israel, a cucumber and red pepper from Spain, scallions from Germany and mâche (lambs lettuce) from Belgium. The lettuce served as the final touch on top of the salad. And I bought the baguette that I served alongside the salad at my favorite French bakery.

The whole experience was a lot of fun and I am very much looking forward to next Friday.

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  1. Lovely, glad you enjoyed the recipe. Tricia and I have been a Mother/
    daughter duo, plugging our way thru FFWD for almost 2 years and
    having a ball. Some recipes are fantastic, some are fun, and some are
    interesting?????. Your salad looks delicious, and I'm glad you enjoyed

  2. Lovely salad, and welcome to the group. It has been a lot of fun.

  3. Dear "Nana" and Heather, thank you very much for your kind comments and your warm welcome! Very much appreciated!

  4. How beautiful! You salad looks fantastic, and I love the international flair you brought with all the different ingredients. I hope you enjoy cooking, reading, and writing with us.

  5. Welcome aboard!
    Very lovely pictures of your salad.

  6. It's never too late to join. Welcome! You'll enjoy cooking with this group. They are wonderful.
    I love your outdoor picture of your salad bowls. Beautiful.

  7. Thank you all for your nice comments and encouraging words.

  8. How wonderful to have a new international "Dorista" friend to cook along with. Your blog is so attractive; what fun to see your Easter egg pictures! Beautiful salad; wasn't it just scrumptious?

    1. I am happy that you liked my blog and the pictures of my salad. it certainly was a lot of fun cooking along with the FFwD group and I am already looking forward to next Friday.