Sunday, May 27, 2012

French Market à Bonn - Französischer Markt in Bonn

Last week there was a French Market ("Französischer Markt") à Bonn. The French Market days take place a couple of times a year. The different merchants always display their wares in the Bonn market square, in front of city hall.

While you were shopping you could enjoy a slice of piping-hot "tarte flambée" ("Flammkuchen" - literally that can be translated as a  tarte that was "licked by the flames").

There was a wide selection of French cheeses, among them cheese from the Cantal region or goat´s cheese.

There were a lot meringue pastries and these widely popular colorful macaroos...

and other French cookies.

There was a market stall with argan oil (this rather expensive oil is produced in Morocco).

Well, who does not to like all those differnet kinds of French "dry sausage" or "saucisson sec".

Small cushions stuffed with dried lavender flowers from the Provence are always popular - especially as gifts.

And there was sea salt from the Camargue ("fleur de sel de Camargue"), Herbes de Provence (with herb mills) and lavender honey.

A lot of people also liked the lavender soaps.

And the wide selection of olives made me a very happy shopper. 

I loved the way the dried fruits such as dates, prunes and figues were arranged.

And this a close-up of the different kinds of "saucisson sec" containing duck, wild boar, beef or bull...

or  hazelnuts, garlic or some piment d'espelette .

À la prochaine! - See you again soon!

That is how the Bonn market place used to look like some time ago
(this engraving is presently gracing one of the walls in my living room).


  1. I was last in France in September/October 2011 and had a wonderful time with old and dear friends. We always hit the markets - South of France - and get into the Italy markets, Ventimiglia and San Remo. I don't plan to be back until May/June 2012. But, this Post made me so homesick for them and everything French that I might have to go sooner. I just put on my cap from the Camarque, purchased last October, to write this comment. Yeah, I'm dorky!

    1. Oh Mary, what a wonderful comment - I like the fact that you used the term "homesick" - I believe, I know exactly what you mean...

  2. What a wonderful market. I would enjoy going to this one so much and could spend hours there. Thank you for sharing your time there with us.

    1. Elaine - you are quite welcome my dear - how have you been lately? Hope all is well!